The purpose of the Indian Hill Recreation Commission is to provide recreational opportunities and athletic programs for residents of the Village of Indian Hill and the students of the Indian Hill School District.

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The Indian Hill Recreation Commission would like to thank you for enrolling your child in our recreational program. The goals of the athletic programs, as stated in the constitution of the Indian Hill Recreation Commission are as follows:

  1. To allow all players as equal an opportunity as possible to participate
  2. To instruct players in the development of their capabilities
  3. To build good character and encourage teamwork
  4. To develop and practice good sportsmanship and fair play
  5. To improve physical fitness
  6. To have fun

Volunteer coaches are selected with the understanding that they will pursue these goals with the highest qualities of leadership and a comprehensive knowledge of the game. In order to provide a sports program that our community can be proud of, we ask that all coaches and parents abide by these points.

Prohibited Behavior:

  1. Verbal abuse of umpires/referees is prohibited. While we understand that questioning a call often is part of the game, respect of the rules and judgment of the umpire/referee is required, particularly when students are being used in that role.
  2. Use of profanity in front of the players is prohibited.
  3. Any action or behavior that does not conform to the above standards is prohibited.

If you feel strongly that any of these guidelines have been broken by any coach or assistant coach from either an Indian Hill team or an opposing team, please notify the Recreation Program Coordinator at 979-6212.